Bringing New Del Mar Spirit to a Home in Old Del Mar

Delmar_KitchenLiving in old Del Mar, one of the most beautiful communities along the Pacific Coast, is an exceptional experience. But what do you do when your home in old Del Mar no longer suits your lifestyle? For recent JDR clients, the time had arrived to choose between buying a new home or choosing to undertake a whole home remodel.

Our clients lived in a 40 year old home they had owned for more than 15 years. During that time, their children had grown from babies to teenagers and the couple’s interests, lifestyles and tastes had changed. They found themselves living in a large home where they only used a small percentage of the space because the house was not designed to adapt to their current way of life.

After researching a number of upscale tract home choices, our clients recognized that option was not right for them because they wanted a more personal expression of their style and a home customized for their needs. They decided that a whole home remodel was the best choice for them at this time in their lives and they selected JDR’s expert team for the project.

Using our unique design build process, JDR made significant structural changes to the existing home, adding height on the top floor and over 1700 additional square feet overall. The new home was designed to take advantage of beautiful views of the Torrey Pines State Reserve. Because the couple’s aging parents often come for extended visits, a new bathroom was added with universal design features to accommodate their changing needs. Each room of the new home was custom designed with the needs and desires of the clients in mind, so the family now fully enjoys their appealing new environment.

After doing the research, this couple recognized that rather than moving from their home of 15 years, they could work with a unified team of architects and designers to transform their environment with a whole home remodel that captures a spirit of renewal.