Creating a Beautiful Entryway for an Apartment

EntrywayYou may feel somewhat limited in your creativity and design capabilities when you begin to remodel or renovate your apartment. However, size is not always as big of a hindrance as you might initially imagine. Creating a beautiful entryway for an apartment can be simple and affordable, if you know what pieces to purchase and how to arrange things properly.

Before starting any major renovation project, it is important to seek the permission of the owner, in writing whenever possible. Although most are gracious about the opportunity to increase the value of the apartment, and some will even contribute to the work in some way, others would rather only minimal changes be done to the apartment. You will save time and money by learning before you begin what is acceptable, and what changes will have to wait until you own your own home.

To create a beautiful entryway, first decide whether you want the entry to feel like a part of the living room, or more like a separate space. If you want it to blend in with the living room, and simply want an entry area, adding a small table and rug to harmonize the entry with the room is sufficient in most cases. However, for creating the feel of a separate room, here are some helpful tips:

Change the color palette. This can mean a drastic change, like painting the walls around the entry an entirely different shade, or a more minor change, such as unique tree of life wall art and separate flooring. If you are going to paint, choose a color that complements the color in the living room, or choose a deeper tone of the same color. Use painter’s tape to mark the edge of the entryway and use a strip of molding to split the rooms if the wall is continuous. You can also differentiate the floor by using an area rug in the entry over the existing flooring or carpet.

Add unique touches. First impressions are hard to change, and the better your entryway looks, the more people will remember it. Add things that mean something to you, such as inviting phrases or words. From simple and elegant designs to modern and creative outdoor wall art decorations, the possibilities are endless.

Make the entryway functional. Finally, don’t forget to add the touches that make a beautiful entryway more functional. This includes a place to keep a visitor’s hat, umbrella, or coat, and a mat for wiping mud or water from your feet in bad weather. If it snows frequently, choose a more absorbent mat to avoid getting mud and water on the flooring beyond the entryway.

Creating a beautiful entryway for an apartment does not take a lot of space, money, or time. You can keep it simple and stylish with a few touches, or create something fabulous that feels almost like a room unto itself with just a few feet and some creative accessorizing. Above all, the area should be as personalized as the rest of your home, be bold and use whatever you feel appropriate – from wall crosses to fish wall art. Do not be afraid to do things your way, and let your imagination design something spectacular.