Creating Sanctuary at Home: Peaceful Elements in Your Whole Home Remodel or New Home

Private space for rest and reflection is a welcome luxury in your home, especially now. Here is some inspiration for peaceful spaces in your whole home remodel or new home that bring moments of serenity to everyday living.

Connect to Light and Nature
A home designed for indoor/outdoor living rejuvenates the senses and makes your home feel more expansive. This great room in a mountaintop retreat opens to a spacious outdoor living area with a fire pit and seating area, a full outdoor kitchen, and panoramic views.

Relax in Your Own Private Spa
Tranquil escape can be found in a master bathroom that feels like a private spa. In this home with a bay view, two bedrooms and an unused bonus room were replaced with an unusually spacious master suite on the upper level. The luxurious design achieves the clients’ desire to feel as if they are relaxing in a suite of a four star hotel. The distinctive free-standing tub is defined with an inlay of tile in an intricate pattern.

Nurture a Beautiful Garden
In this outdoor living space inspired by a Sicilian villa, the burgeoning garden can be admired from beneath a terrace on the sunniest days, and gathered around the fire pit on cool evenings. A vibrant mural is a backdrop that reflects surrounding natural beauty.

What makes you feel most peaceful and comfortable? Working with our unified team of architects, designers, and construction professionals, you can discover how to make your new home or whole home remodel a haven with your own personal style.