Drones for Your Home: How the Latest Technology Helps Our Architectural Team Design and Build Your Whole Home Remodel

nav1Our architectural team is continually exploring the latest technology for new ways to help clients visualize a whole home remodel. Drones are uniquely equipped to assist in the remodeling process, helping us to see from a variety of previously unavailable perspectives how a whole home remodel will look, feel, and function.

A drone can fly over any property and map out the terrain. This is especially useful for hillside sites, allowing us to investigate a home’s footprint and its surroundings from all angles. With drone technology, our Residential Designers can carefully plan views in relationship to the ocean or other landmarks, and we can make even more thoroughly informed recommendations about overall mass and site lines. For the Sicilian Villa inspired project shown here, we nav2used a drone to determine the best way to plan the outdoor living space to integrate with the natural landscape while ensuring privacy from surrounding homes.

Drones strengthen our ability to give clients accurate, all-inclusive 3-D models with Revit software. Our team walks clients through a virtual representation of each project that is more detailed and simple to understand than ever before. We can show clients in a way that is easy to visualize where an addition makes the most sense, what the best location on a site is for views, where to design an outdoor living space, and much more.

nav3Our focus on state-of-the-art technology is balanced with artistic skill and hands-on experience. Using these tools helps our professional architectural team express their highest levels of creativity and present plans in a comprehensive way that gives clients increased confidence assessing options and outcome. Our architectural team meets weekly with our design team in structured sessions during which we share principles, ideas, and knowledge so that the team is unified in goals and methods. This dedication to consistency is reflected in our clients’ satisfaction with their whole home remodel process, from the very first presentation of concepts, to their beautiful finished home.