¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo! Mexican Hacienda Designs to Inspire Your Whole Home Remodel.

DoorIf you appreciate the rustic beauty and authentic charm of designs inspired by Old World Mexico, why not start with the Mexican hacienda as inspiration for your whole home remodel? Our professional design team finds imaginative ways to weave Old World allure with the needs of the modern homeowner.

Our team designed a secluded weekend getaway in the mountains as a future retirement home. Our clients’ spacious 3,300 sq. ft. adobe house sits on over an acre of land, providing the owners with privacy, comfort and a retreat from the sometimes hurried pace of everyday living in their primary home by the coast. These are a few of the elements our professional designers selected to create the mood of a Mexican hacienda:

  • A fountain imported from Mexico is adorned with handcrafted detailing and conveys earthy warmth and authenticity in the expansiveFountain outdoor patio area.
  • Three hand-carved doors made in 1910 were shipped to the adobe from Mexico. Each weighing several hundred pounds, the doors establish a sense of history and graceful substance in the home.
  • Throughout the home, each material and fabric was meticulously selected to sustain a mood of relaxation and serenity inspired by a Mexican hacienda.

pillowAfter working with our unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals for their whole home remodel, the owners of this distinctive adobe house can now enjoy the lifestyle they have always imagined.