Glamorous Sparkle: Light Up the New Year in Your New Home or Whole Home Remodel

Statement lighting illuminates your whole home remodel or new home with memorable style and helps to define focal points in your space. In addition to its important functional properties, lighting significantly affects the perception of scale in a room and the mood of your home. The type of lighting in a design – from task, to general, to artistic – is an essential element of planning that professional designers carefully consider during the creative process. We’re highlighting a few of our favorite lighting ideas for inspiration:

Captivating Scale
This cozy family room in a home with graceful chic is imbued with a warm glow from a pair of oversized chandeliers, more than 40” in diameter, that glisten with metallic rays. The doors and windows were painted in a dark bronze finish to harmonize with the light fixtures and frame the view.

Modern Movement
The striking chandelier that defines the dining space in this stunning modern beach home was selected for its balance of scale and airiness. It makes a bold impression with a delicate design that emphasizes the natural light and openness of its surroundings.

Serene Style
Statement lighting isn’t just for common areas – any room in your home can benefit from thoughtful lighting design. In the master bedroom of a Boho Chic Farmhouse, rustic wood pendants set a calming mood and serve as a unique definition for the bed. 

Lighting design is one of the essential details that makes your home feel like an expression of your individual vision. Working with a professional team of architects, designers, and construction professionals, you will discover how to radiate style, warmth, and comfort in your whole home remodel or new home.