Happy Father’s Day! Spaces Dads Love in Your Whole Home Remodel or New Home

Today we’re celebrating Dads with a look at stylish spaces in your whole home remodel or new home designed to delight Dad and the whole family. Whether he enjoys a technology-free space to read a favorite book, a poolside outdoor space with entertainment and grilling, or a friendly game of ping pong, our professional design team can help you achieve your vision of space in your home designed for Dad’s individual lifestyle.

Traditional Relaxation
Entering this space with no technology but a dedicated attention to style and comfort feels like stepping back in time, a place to find respite from the modern world. Designed within a 100-year old Tudor-style home, this “Gentleman’s Room” was built with devoted attention to period detail. Meticulous wainscoting throughout the room establishes the design’s respect for the character of the home.

Poolside Fun
This family-oriented outdoor living space is ideal for Dads who love to grill and watch a game with friends. Areas were carefully planned for preparing meals at the cooking area (with a large Kamado grill, a hidden grill, and several accoutrements), enjoying drinks at the bar, relaxing by the pool or basking in the peace of surrounding greenery. Flagstone paths designate various sections.

Outdoor Games
This amazing outdoor space was designed to enhance outdoor living on a grand scale. Located on over two acres, the home possesses stunning views of rolling hills reminiscent of Tuscany. The stunning outdoor area includes a pool and lounging area, a custom ping pong table, a jacuzzi, a full kitchen, and a terrace with a fire pit. The upper and lower terraces are now unified and oriented to appreciating natural beauty.

Our unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals, will guide you through imaginative options to create space for Dad in your whole home remodel or new home.