Home for the Holidays: A Peaceful Season in Your Whole Home Remodel or New Home

During the holiday season we typically welcome more guests than usual into our homes. For a stress-free celebration of all the joy the holidays can bring, it helps to be prepared! Here are some festive ideas for entertaining company in your whole home remodel or new home.

Cozy Space to Relax and Reconnect
With guests visiting from near and far, remember to create space for those special moments we share together during the holiday season. Choose a focal point in your living space and emphasize comfort, from extra pillows and cozy throws to seasonal greenery and flowers. Organize your space to encourage people to gather and have conversation flow easily.

An Organized Kitchen is a Happy Kitchen
If you’re cooking or baking for holiday events, now is the time to do a deep clean in your kitchen, take an inventory of your supplies, and refurbish any necessities. Take stock of the holiday plates and platters you stored away last year and place them in an easy to reach spot. Ample storage is never appreciated more than during the holidays! An extra large island in your kitchen design is always a favorite place for guests to congregate.

A Powder Room That Pops
Give your small, stylish powder room a chance to shine during the holidays! A glistening clean room is the first priority and you’ll also want to have plenty of standard supplies, such as toilet paper and hand soap, placed where guests can easily find them. Extra holiday sparkle can be yours by adding a small bouquet of fresh flowers and a scented candle. 

One of our most precious gifts is being able to invite friends and family into our homes at any time of year, but especially when we’re celebrating special occasions. When you’re working with our unified team of architects, designers, and construction professionals, you can envision how you want your whole home remodel or new home to welcome guests during the holidays and everyday.