Inspired by Rustic Modern Design? Explore the Natural Beauty of Wood Slab Furniture

WoodSlabTablesOne of the interesting current trends our professional design team has noticed is an appreciation for rustic elements balanced with modern aesthetics. Authentic natural materials bring a sense of continuity and character to a home, particularly in an era when machine-made production and planned obsolescence prevail. When planning a whole home remodel or kitchen remodel, we’ve found that wood slab tables and other wood slab furniture are a practical and engaging way for clients to express their enthusiasm for rustic design.

Inspired by George Nakashima of the American Arts and Crafts Movement, Gustav Stickley, Charles and Henry Greene, and Frank Lloyd Wright, Woodland Ventures in Boise, Idaho creates wood slab furniture as functional works of art. The company’s goal is to give trees a second life as objects of artistic beauty, rather than seeing them burned, chipped, or dumped in a landfill. Their process for creating wood slab furniture is complex and well-considered, with a deep respect for nature:

Tree & Log Selection
Domestic hardwood logs are acquired from professional arborists and tree services. The trees are mainly harvested from urban areas because of weather damage or safety concerns related to the tree’s maturity and eventual decay. The selection process focuses on the striking individual characteristics of each tree, such as giant logs with large limbs, knots, burls, or multiple trunks, that will result in an extraordinary piece of furniture with spectacular figuring or rare graining patterns.

Because different sawing methods have an effect on grain patterns, each log is carefully analyzed prior to sawing. Thickness, direction of the cut, and positioning of the log is determined in order to maximize the inherent beauty of each log’s figure and graining. Woodland Ventures has a mill capable of sawing up to 70 inch diameter logs, which produce truly exceptional, one-of-a-kind pieces.

Wood slab furniture adds natural charm and visual serenity to your environment. Working with a team of professional interior designers for your whole home remodel, this is just one of the ideas you can explore to express your personal style.