Not so Mellow Yellow: Try This Optimistic Hue in Your Whole Home Remodel or New Home

Yellow is having its moment in the sun after being named along with Ultimate Gray as the 2021 Color of the Year. Yellow is a warm and happy color that can work in any room in your whole home remodel or new home. The energy of yellow conveys joy and optimism, two qualities you definitely want to have in your home! Here is some inspiration for using yellow to bring character and liveliness to your environment:

Happy Place
This corner in a peaceful master bathroom (a multiple award-winner) promotes a feeling of happy tranquility with a wall of oversized yellow glass tile amplified by natural light. The brightness of the shade is balanced with warm natural wood and the crisp white of a free-standing tub.

Sunny Retro
Retro-inspired appliances and tile design are an ode to kitchens of the past in what is still a thoroughly modern design. The flooring in this cheerful kitchen is inspired by a classic checkerboard pattern and has been updated by replacing black with yellow and placing the tiles in an unconventional pattern.

Vibrant Energy
The sliding doors in sizzling yellow in this modern kitchen make a strong design statement while also serving the practical purpose of concealing and streamlining storage space. Balanced with gray cabinetry and natural wood, yellow stands out as a refreshing accent color.

It only takes a little yellow to add zest to your home. Experimenting with color is one of the most creative elements of the design build process. Working with our unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals, you have expert guidance on how to integrate the colors you are drawn to into a design that makes sense for your lifestyle.