Retiring from Chicago to an Ocean View in Carlsbad

Carlsbad_RemodelWhen our clients decided it was time to remodel the Carlsbad home they bought years ago in anticipation of retirement, they were still living in Chicago. They learned about Jackson Design and Remodeling’s expertise with relocation and second homes and trusted us from afar throughout the remodeling process. Their Carlsbad home had been used as a rental property in the interim between their purchase and their decision to remodel it to fit their current needs. The couple wanted to accommodate their plans to stay in their home through retirement and welcome visiting adult children.

Applying the principles of universal design, this Carlsbad whole home remodel included the addition of a master suite on the ground level and new bedrooms on the upper level to welcome visiting relatives and guests. Universal design simply means design that works for everyone. Using a combination of careful planning and thoughtful design, decisions such as non-step entryways, wider doorways and passages, extra floor space, adaptable lighting, along with details such as easy to use handles and switches, immediately enhance universal design while adapting to any aesthetic.

Homeowners sometimes think that they must be present during their remodel to monitor each step. This is not necessary when you work with Jackson Design and Remodeling. Our team of professionals is adept at the communication, documentation and build process that allows a homeowner to be out of town, yet count on a successful and satisfying remodeling experience.

Our clients are now living in their stunning Carlsbad home with an ocean view and fresh coastal air in an environment that has been created to thoroughly fit their lifestyle today.