Show Love for Your Four-Legged Friends in Your Whole Home Remodel or New Home

It’s National Love Your Pet Day, our favorite time to look at the ways your new home or whole home remodel can be designed to make life comfortable for furry best friends. Pets have simpler needs than us humans, it’s true, but careful consideration to their requirements makes your life easier too! Here are some ways to inspire wagging tails and contented purrs: 

Lighting the Way
With colors inspired by sea glass and sand dunes, this Joyful Coastal kitchen was designed for a retired beach loving client and her cherished dog, Molly. The custom built nook in the island has special lighting for Molly, since she often likes to wake up in the dark for a midnight snack. 

Safe & Protected
The ingenious outdoor living space in this historic home with Colorful Originality was designed for the Dachsund members of the family. It incorporates both turf and concrete to give the doggies surface options in varying weather. The pups can safely access this outdoor space from a door in the doggie den even when the clients aren’t home and stay safe and happy.

Easy In and Out
An innovative doggie door was custom designed to be concealed in the cabinetry of this Engaging Balance kitchen and allow the clients’ pet to easily go in and out on her own. The clever construction allows for convenience without distracting from its stylish surroundings. 

The unconditional love pets bring to us is irreplaceable. Show how much you care by making your home pet-friendly with the help of our unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals