Your Autumn Nest: Design for a Cozy Home

With fall’s arrival, we’re taking a look at interior design for your whole home remodel or new home that reflects the season with a mixture of natural textures, thoughtful lighting, bold hearths, and bringing the outdoors in. The fall mood influenced by shorter days and longer nights is exemplified in spaces inspired by the Danish concept of “hygge”, which means creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere at home, often to share with others. The focus is on decluttered spaces filled with simple, high quality, curated elements and cozy homes with a clear connection to the outdoors. Here are some examples of design inspiration for your autumn home.

Handmade Elements and Textured Materials
The fireplace in this California Contemporary home is a visual focal point and a work of functional art. The 14-1/2  foot high fireplace was built from an array of custom materials including Island Stone made in Poland in a custom length from flecked andesite, a distinctive volcanic rock. A local cabinet maker created the custom shelving in the living room to display a lovingly curated selection of artistic objects. The home is open to an outdoor living space that infuses the interior with natural light and a connection to greenery.

Cozy Cabana in Outdoor Setting
This modern cabana, the centerpiece of an extensive outdoor living area, was designed to be enjoyed day or night in any weather. The cabana was thoughtfully planned to accommodate large groups while still feeling cozy for small family time gatherings. Glass doors enclose the cabana on three sides to capture the stunning views of surrounding hills.

Modern Farmhouse Retreat
The master bedroom in this Modern Farmhouse is an inviting retreat for relaxing, sleeping, and reading in its sweet window seat with a pretty view. The fireplace, a luxurious element for any bedroom, was rebuilt in arbutus stone with a reclaimed wood mantle. The inviting window seat is a bright and comfortable spot, encouraging long sessions with a good book or just appreciating the view.

A well designed whole home remodel or new home will feel welcoming and cozy for all four seasons. Whatever the time of year, our unified team of architects, designers, and construction professionals will guide you toward the most imaginative ideas for your home.