A Peaceful Pairing: Sharing Your Master Bathroom with Privacy and Style

Dreaming of more space and privacy in your master bathroom? As an imaginative alternative to the standard side-by-side “his and hers” master bathroom layout, our professional design team recently completed a bathroom design with distinct areas for a retired couple looking to relax in an atmosphere of spa-like luxury and serenity. This bathroom design is based on an architectural approach, favoring clean, straight lines paired with organic textures. Every square inch of the floor plan was utilized to allow separate, balanced areas with plentiful storage for the husband and wife.

When planning your master bathroom, a professional design team can guide you through the following considerations and more:

Can your desired master bathroom be built from existing space or is more space needed? For this master bathroom, we borrowed space from a little used landing area next to the existing bathroom.

How important is storage in your design? Depending on the storage available for towels, toiletries and accessories in the rest of your home, storage in the bathroom can lessen or increase in importance. This bathroom features an unusual amount of storage, including innovative mirror cabinets and a blind corner Lazy Susan in the cabinetry.

How luxurious do you want your shower to be? Today’s showers offer spa-like levels of luxury, with temperature and flow controls, body sprays, aromatherapy and much more. This shower, with a sumptuous appearance defined by dramatic expanses of slab travertine, features a bench, an oversized built-in niche for hanging a towel or robe and three shower heads.

When you work with a unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals, your dream of a master bathroom as a peaceful and private sanctuary can come to life and bring new pleasure to your home and lifestyle.