A Study in Style: Create Space for a Library in Your Whole Home Remodel

Back to school season is underway! For those with school age children living at home, a plan for a whole home remodel often includes a desire for a quiet space dedicated to studying and reading. Even when children have left the nest, a room devoted to quieter pleasures is a wonderful addition to everyday living. If you are planning a library/study area for your whole home remodel, here are a few considerations:

Who will use the room? If the room will be shared between generations, designating areas for each promotes harmony. Think about how each person will want to use the space so a professional design team can help you design the area most efficiently.

What belongs in the room and what should have prominence? Some families will have a large area dedicated to a book collection while others may have more room given to media. Finding an appropriate focal point and the right balance is essential to a pleasing design.

How do you want the room to feel? For a room dedicated to reading and studying, the atmosphere should strike the ideal balance between relaxing and stimulating. Good lighting – designed for reading, working on the computer and other tasks – is essential.

Once you have studied what works best for you, sharing your ideas with an experienced design build remodeling team will help you achieve the quiet space of your daydreams. Creating rooms that work for your lifestyle today makes your whole home remodel a unique, personal space you will be comfortable in for a lifetime.