Clean and Serene 2016: Elegant and Efficient Laundry Rooms

swimlaundryAn organized and appealing space to take care of laundry in your whole home remodel offers a sense of pleasing accomplishment. When our homes are clean and clutter-free, our spirits are lighter. Starting the year with plans for a whole home remodel, including your very own laundry room? Here are some fresh ideas:

Stay Organized with Storage
This laundry room with a view in a historic Spanish home features more cabinetry than some kitchens, plus two sinks for added efficiency. A crisp color palette, abundant natural light and lush materials throughout the room combine for a design that is perfectly at home in its historic environment while providing all the modern efficiencies.

westlakelaundryPlace in Your Space
Space for a laundry room needed to be found within the existing footprint for the whole home remodel of this stunning seaside home. The simple, inventive solution of sliding barn doors in the hallway to conceal the laundry area keeps the area out of sight from visiting guests and yet easily accessible for a family with young children and lots of laundry.

Practical Luxury
A laundry room can sometimes be considered just a utilitarian room but there’s no reason for this space to be any less stylish than the rest of your whole home remodel. hinrichlaundryLuxurious notes such as a marble backsplash and classic color palette convey elegance in this laundry room, while the durable quartz countertop and abundant storage space support practical functionality. A strategically placed TV keeps the clients company when washing and folding.

When you’re planning your whole home remodel with a unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals, explore new ideas for your laundry room. A place to be organized and efficient while enjoying elegant, thoughtfully designed surroundings is a wonderful way to look forward to a clean and serene 2016!