Create a Personal Gallery: Displaying Art and Objects in Your Whole Home Remodel or New Home

A home filled with art you’ve collected and displayed feels warm, personal, and stylish. Art can make a colorful statement, spark conversation, or inspire memories and reflection of favorite places, people, and times. Working with our professional design team, you can explore a myriad of ways to display art and objects in your whole home remodel or new home specifically tailored to your personal lifestyle.

Hallway Art Gallery
In this Playful Modern home, the clients display some of their favorite colorful pieces (including a custom surfboard they discovered at a local art show) a peek at the new living room is now fresh and inviting. Art and objects are displayed throughout the space. The clients are thoughtful collectors who find eclectic pieces during their frequent international trips or at local art fairs and galleries. Each piece has a story and a personal meaning to them.

Entryway Art
In this California Contemporary home visitors are greeted with an intimate art display of paintings and sculpture, immediately establishing an artistic mood. Custom niches in varying sizes are designed with gallery lighting to enhance selected pieces.

Art as Inspiration
“Francesca,” a favorite painting of the client’s inspired the color palette in the master bathroom of this vibrant home. A prominent position on the wall brings a sense of unity and definition to the colorful space.

Collections that are meaningful and inspiring to you deserve attention to detail in the design of your home. Our unified team of architects, designers, and construction professionals guides you through your choices every step of the way to make your home into an expressive gallery space.