Design Details: Decorative Tile in Your Whole Home Remodel

TileStairsThe intricate details of a whole home remodel distinguish your home with character and beauty. Our professional design team has developed sources for many unique design elements to help you achieve your personal vision for your home, including an array of tile. Over the years, we have experimented with innovative uses for tile in a myriad of materials, colors, sizes and patterns.

Here are some interesting ways we have used tile in whole home remodels:

Custom Tile in Unexpected Places: The intricate custom designed stairs shown here were inspired by the client’s travels around the globe. Each pattern and color represents a fondly remembered destination. The client and designer reviewed hundreds of hand-painted tile patterns and tested dozens of combinations to achieve a functional work of art for the home. Stairs are just one example of unexpected places in a whole home remodel where tile can be used to make a vivid impression.

FireplaceMetallic and Glass Tile: Metallic and glass tiles create a warm, hypnotic glow that subtly intrigues or powerfully dazzles depending on where and how they are used. We have explored metallic tile in several areas, including powder rooms and as an element of kitchen backsplashes. This fireplace backsplash was created from a mosaic of iridescent glass tile placed meticulously by hand.

SinkTileHand-painted Tile: Because of our San Diego location, we have designed several historic homes with Spanish-influenced origins. Our designers have diligently restored bathrooms and kitchens to their original glory with hand-painted tile work that enhances its historical surroundings. This closeup shows detail of tile work in the master bathroom of an early 1900’s Spanish Revival home where we created several intricate patterns of tile in a visual theme that was carried throughout the home.

If you are inspired to experiment with tile as a design element in your whole home remodel, our unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals can guide you to imaginative choices for any room in your house.