Elevate Style in Your Whole Home Remodel with a Painted Ceiling

pruettlivingWhile an accent wall is a more typical way to experiment with color in your home, a painted ceiling is an adventurous choice that adds drama and sophistication to your whole home remodel. A painted ceiling adapts to virtually any architectural style or design aesthetic. Here are some ideas to consider:

pritcherDark, Bright, or White
A dark gray or navy blue ceiling will make a dramatic statement and make any room feel more elegant. Darker colors are best in rooms with unusually high ceilings, to keep the space from feeling smaller. A bright shade of blue, yellow, or green is a creative way to pop color into a room that is otherwise white or neutral. The combination of bright and white instills a sense of fresh energy. Painting a wood ceiling white is a modern approach that makes a space feel airy, expansive, and contemporary.

pritcherceilingAccentuate Details
Painted ceilings are an exceptional choice for homes with interesting architectural features. Beams, molding, skylights, and other details come to life with the right color choices.

Thoughtful Finish
The finish of your paint becomes its own design element. A matte finish, which minimizes imperfections, is the most common choice for the ceiling. If imperfections aren’t a concern, a glossy finish is an interesting choice that adds a subtle reflection to a space.

The details of how you express your creativity in your home are some of the most exciting aspects of a whole home remodel!Working with a unified team of architects, designers, and construction professionals, you can explore your favorite ideas in design from floor to ceiling!