Express Your Independence in Your Whole Home Remodel, from Traditional Americana to Contemporary Minimalism

Americana1 A whole home remodel should make you feel more comfortable and energized in your home and reflect your personal style. Trends can be inspiring and a fun way to spark the imagination but a truly successful whole home remodel is reflective of your personal style.

For a recent kitchen remodeling project, an active retired couple with a shared appreciation for early American art and collectibles wanted to remodel their kitchen to better accommodate family time with their children and grandchildren. Their original kitchen was dark and outdated, with little connection to the beauty of the home’s surroundings on a California mountaintop. The kitchen was separated from the family room and breakfast nook by peninsulas and walls, which inhibited easy traffic flow and American2made it difficult to keep an eye on young grandchildren. The new kitchen honors the traditional design of early America, preserves elements of the room the clients treasure, and creates an expansive, light-filled space that is much easier to share and navigate. The viewpoint of the design starts with an original brick wall and its oak cabinetry, which the clients wanted to keep intact. All the new cabinetry added to the room was meticulously matched to the original to ensure visual harmony.

Whether your style is traditional, contemporary/modern, or transitional, an experienced professional designer can help you discover ways to express your personal vision in a space that works for your lifestyle today.

retro2Our unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals is dedicated to helping you achieve the practical functionality you need in a space that feels authentically personal.