A Fresh Approach: Laundry Room Design in Your Whole Home Remodel

Laundry room remodeling makes an everyday task more enjoyable and efficient. Whether you are building from the ground up or working within the existing footprint of your home, laundry room design can be customized in ways you may not have considered. Working with a professional designer you can discover the best place in your home for a laundry room and explore creative options for design. Here are some fresh ideas:

Smart Space Planning
The laundry room in this seaside home (shown above) once in an awkward position in the garage, is now easily accessed from a door in the kitchen. Daily tasks are now much less time consuming. Ample storage and space for spot cleaning and folding is now easily accomplished in a clean, uncluttered space with calming colors.

Innovative Integration
In this kitchen design, the smart and simple laundry room is located behind sliding glass panels designed in white laminate glass with black aluminum trim. Sleek and simple, the sliding panels make a crisp design statement in the room. When opened, the panels reveal the well-organized laundry station and a pantry with additional space for storage.

Stylish Organization
A generous pantry, along with a station for coffee and small appliances, keeps the main kitchen in this contemporary home clutter-free. Sliding doors with opaque glass conceal the new laundry room, where a window was added to bring abundant natural light to the space. Laundry and coffee areas are now conveniently located with the same meticulous attention to detail shown in the rest of the home.

When you’re planning your whole home remodel with a unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals, exploring new approaches for a laundry room design is an exciting process. Your whole home remodel can enhance your life in unexpected ways, including improving the ease and simplicity of household tasks.