Give a Toast to the Wet Bar for Your Whole Home Remodel

When planning your whole home remodel, a professional design team guides you to imagine how you want to spend time in your new home. How will your lifestyle be transformed by your new environment? If you love to entertain, a wet bar is a wonderful addition to your whole home remodel. Typically containing a countertop, small sink, refrigerator and storage space, a wet bar makes every social occasion at home a simple, sophisticated pleasure. Here are some elements to consider:

Will Guests Sit or Stand? Depending on the space you have available and how you envision interacting with your guests, the wet bar can be built into a wall with no seating, built as a stand alone with bar seating, or some combination of both.

Storage and Display: Streamlined storage of accessories is essential, as is the artful display of available libations from wine to liqueurs.

Spirited Personality: You want your wet bar to harmonize with the overall design of your home but also to present an impressive design since it will be the centerpiece of many occasions when you welcome company. Working with your own professional designer you can arrive at layout and material choices that will distinguish your design with enviable style.

When you work with a team of design build experts for your whole home remodel, adding a wet bar to your home is an enjoyable, stress-free experience. A well-designed wet bar could make you and your guests tipsy with delight!