Happy Independence Day! Fire up the Grill.

zellHoliday weekends make a well-designed outdoor living area in your whole home remodel a real joy. The July 4th weekend is a festive opportunity to invite friends and family over for a few refreshing drinks and a tasty menu from the grill. Here are some of the options to consider when designing space for outdoor living in your whole home remodel:

Start with Space Planning
Your outdoor area and indoor area should be designed with an easy flow that makes navigation a breeze. Visually, you want to have some harmony between the spaces, while also creating distinction and a sense of place. Reflect upon how you will use the space and how the grilling area should relate to seating and sunbathing areas or a pool, if you have one. Practical considerations, such as selecting countertops and ground covering that will stand up to repeated use and exposure to the elements, are essential when it comes to designing space for the outdoors.

Choose Your Grill
grill1With so many choices on the market, selecting a grill is really about personal preference. There are hundreds of grills to choose from, including wood, gas, charcoal or hybrid versions. Each type of grilling method has its own dedicated fan base. For this outdoor area we designed recently, the clients frequently entertain large groups. They wanted not just one grill, but two, along with several high-end accessories in an appealing poolside area that faces their beautiful natural surroundings.

Safety First
Safety is essential when it comes to deciding where your grill will fit into the scheme of your outdoor area. You will also want to consider protection from the weather – both strong sun and long periods of rain here in San Diego.

Working with a unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals, you can imagine and create a design that encompasses festive grilling along with other amenities for relaxing and entertaining in the outdoor living area of your whole home remodel!