Home for the Holidays? How a Kitchen Remodel Makes Entertaining Easier.

HolidayKitchen2Like most of us, chances are you will be entertaining family and guests in your home this month. Now is the perfect time to pay attention to the ways a kitchen remodel could make a significant difference during your next holiday gathering. Opening your home to groups small and large for special occasions often brings into sharp focus the everyday annoyances that make your kitchen difficult to use for cooking and entertaining. Here are some ways a kitchen remodel could rejuvenate your home for the new year just around the corner:

Space Planning and Reorganization: While not the most glamorous topic when it comes to your kitchen remodel, layout, space planning and organization are the essential elements that form the foundation of a spectacular kitchen design. Professional designers apply their expertise to the square footage of your existing kitchen and find innovative ways to reorganize your space to improve functionality and flow. With proper planning, this phase of the design process works magic in your kitchen – every task becomes much easier and the room is streamlined to maximize your space.

Storage: What does every chef and entertainer need most in the kitchen? A place for everything and everything in its place, as the saying goes. You want to be able to quickly find that special small tool for curling lemon rind or your largest mixing bowl and you also want to quickly hide them away when company arrives. Carefully considered cabinetry placement and innovative hidden storage accomplish these tasks so that you have everything you need at hand for preparation, but can quickly store away clutter for entertaining in the kitchen when the party starts.

Appliances: Whether your focus is on energy-efficiency, higher capacity, or both, you will find a solution in today’s appliances. Design build remodeling makes a big difference when it comes to adding larger and/or more appliances to your kitchen – each should be selected with your particular design aesthetic in mind and meticulously planned to fit into your space so that each adds to the visual appeal of the room.

Design: When planning your kitchen design, it’s important to first consider your needs and desires for the space. Some clients are looking for an impressive gourmet kitchen for frequent entertaining. Others want a family-friendly gathering place with space for doing homework or eating together. For some, the emphasis is on easy maintenance and clutter-free living. Once the main purpose is understood, the kitchen design should also work with the design of the rest of your home so that the newly remodeled space looks like it has always belonged there – only much more stunning!

While you’re prepping and serving your holiday meals this season, daydream about how a kitchen remodel could make everyday living and special occasion entertaining an even more pleasurable experience.