If It’s Father’s Day, It Must be Time for a BBQ!

FathersDayAll Dads seem to share a common passion for firing up the grill when it’s their turn to cook. When planning your whole home remodel, this is exactly the type of lifestyle choice you want to incorporate in the design of your home. In honor of Father’s Day this weekend, we are reviewing some of the options to consider when designing space for an outdoor barbecue:

Choose the grill. There are hundreds of grills to choose from, including wood, gas, charcoal or hybrid versions. Each type of grilling method has its own dedicated fan base – chances are, the Dad in your home has a favorite type of grill.

Select the accessories. Depending on the space you have available and the prominence you want to give your outdoor barbecue space, you may decide to keep the area simple with just a few grilling accessories, or build an entire outdoor kitchen complete with refrigeration and sink.

Pick a place. Safety is essential when it comes to deciding where your grill will fit into the scheme of your outdoor area. You will also want to consider protection from the weather – both strong sun and long periods of rain here in the San Diego region. Also reflect upon how you will use the space and how the grilling area should relate to seating and sunbathing areas or a pool, if you have one.

Design for living. Your outdoor area should work well both visually and functionally with your indoor space. The space should have its own visual appeal while being recognizably in harmony with the look of the rest of your home. Practical aspects of the design make a real difference in outdoor design, such as selecting countertops and ground covering that will stand up to repeated use and exposure to the elements.

Working with a professional design team, you can imagine and create a design that encompasses Dad’s enthusiasm for grilling along with other amenities for relaxing and entertaining in your outdoor space!