Irish for a Day! Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a Bar in Your Whole Home Remodel

bar1Toast to the Irish and reflect on how lucky it is to have a bar in your own home for celebrating with guests on special occasions. If you enjoy entertaining, a bar is a convenient and inspiring element you will appreciate on March 17 and many other days of the year! Consider the following when planning for a bar in your whole home remodel:

bar3‘Tis a Lovely View
Thoughtful space planning is paramount when you’re deciding where your bar should be located. If you have a space with a view, orienting your bar to appreciate it will add to the allure of your home when entertaining.

bar2An Irish Blessing of Storage Space
Ample and organized storage is essential to keep your living space clutter-free when the bar is not in use. Working with a professional designer, you can explore options for storing accessories and liquors.

Dazzle the Lads and Lasses
Dazzling design details are conversation starters when guests are gathered in your home. Luxurious materials, atmospheric lighting and a welcoming layout set the stage for a bar that engages visitors and encourages mingling.

Our team of architects, designers and construction professionals will help you add a bar to your whole home remodel that will inspire convivial entertaining for any occasion. From materials and textures to layout and seating, your bar can express your unique personality whether you’re Irish for a day or Irish every day!