Keep it Clean in 2015! Laundry Room Design in Your Whole Home Remodel

36_7521220_vt57658-136For places in your home set aside for chores, why not brighten daily living with efficient and welcoming space where you enjoy spending time? The design of your laundry room is an important consideration in a whole home remodel. A professional design team can help you visualize a laundry room that will make daily washing and folding a pleasure! Here are some ideas to consider:

Where Would You Like the Laundry Room?
Many modern homes place the laundry room on an upper level, rather than in the more traditional garage or “off-the-kitchen” space, to prevent walking up and down the stairs with hampers full of laundry. If you’re in a single level home, a solution like the hallway laundry area concealed by extra large barn doors (shown above) is an innovative choice that makes the most of limited space.

63_5541468_42795-163How Will Storage Work?
Organization is essential to an efficient laundry room design. Along with plentiful space for dirty laundry, clean folded laundry and supplies, consider any extra storage capacity you may desire.

How Else Can the Room be Used?
The laundry room in the historic home shown below does double duty as a sewing room. If you have hobbies you’d like to accommodate, maximize your laundry room space to make your work more organized and inspired!

56_2691049_156When your home includes a laundry room with a beautiful, thoughtful design, everyday chores become an opportunity for efficient accomplishment and serene productivity. Our unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals can help you live with an ideal laundry room in your whole home remodel.