Looking for More Space in Your Guest Bathroom? This Innovative Solution Opens the Door to Shared Privacy.

For clients with an affinity for Asian-inspired design, the remodel of a guest bathroom was inspired by a desire for both beautiful surroundings and practical functionality. The clients wanted to make the room easier to share when more than one guest needed to use it. They were looking for a custom bathroom design in which one person could use the shower while another used the sink.

Our professional design team developed a solution that added a “wall” without making the room seem smaller. A closet door was custom designed to include a buried track in the ceiling and floor with a function that allows the door to open in 3 stages for varying degrees of privacy. Obscure glass with coated aluminum trim was designed to resemble a Shoji screen-style door in keeping with the Asian-inspired aesthetic.

Throughout the room, simple horizontal lines underline the Asian influence. A quartet of lights at the vanity resembles a string of paper lanterns while the sink faucets are designed to flow like delicate waterfalls. In the shower, the waterfall theme is repeated in the niche of glass tile and the flowing lines of tile on the floor.

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