Mix it Up: Combining Design Concepts Creates Timeless Style in Your Whole Home Remodel

williamsliving2Whether you’re inspired by Mid-Century Modern, Traditional, Contemporary, or Transitional design, exploring ways to mix elements of style will establish a timeless appeal in your whole home remodel. Mixing design styles is a skill that takes knowledge and practice. Your home should have a central focus and it’s important not to add so many different styles that the cohesiveness of the design is lost. Professional designers are invaluable during the process. Here are some helpful strategies for combining design styles:

Mix Old and New
Choose pieces of modern furniture for a traditional interior or antique pieces for an ultra-modern space to create a compelling and unique visual energy in your home. Mid-Century Modern furniture in traditional rooms and vintage lighting in modern spaces are two popular examples of this strategy. ahernkitchenRestraint is essential when mixing old and new to avoid a jumbled look; start slowly and see how each piece changes the feeling of your space.

Contrast Colors and Textures
Exploring colors and materials is a safe way to see effects without a major investment. Mix rustic and shiny surfaces, bright and muted tones, soft and hard materials for visual interest. Stick with an overall neutral tone in your home to make it easier to experiment with mixing styles and techniques in the accent pieces.

Use and 80/20 Rule
One style should be primary or the overall visual effect will be confusing. Use to 80/20 rule: 80% of the room in one style, and 20% a mix of others.

millerkitchenWhen planning the design of your whole home remodel, our professional designers reject a standard approach in favor of finding imaginative ways to express your personal vision. Mixing styles is a creative process that’s less intimidating and more fun with the help of a unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals who offer extensive knowledge and resources. Mix it up with confidence to achieve a whole home remodel that will be a truly unique expression of your personal taste!