Outlook on Design: Framing the Perspective in Your Whole Home Remodel or New Home

In San Diego we are lucky to be surrounded by many beautiful aspects of nature that we can enjoy year round. When planning your whole home remodel or new home, our design and architecture teams considers how to encompass views to bring the calming and inspiring effects of the natural world into your daily life. Here are some examples of our projects that thoughtfully integrate ocean, hills and gardens:

Embrace Natural Surroundings
For this bright seaside home with a nostalgic feel, the kitchen was moved to capture incredible views of Del Mar and the ocean. Strategic space planning, multiple windows and glass doors, and period styling transformed a typical ranch home kitchen into an inspired interpretation of Colonial style on the California coast.

Bring the Outside In with Bi-Fold Doors
Innovative bi-fold doors open your home to fresh air and natural light, transcending the distinction between “outside” and “inside.” In this modern cabana, walls of bi-fold doors open the view to an expansive outdoor living area and beyond to panoramic vistas of rolling hills reminiscent of Tuscany.

Embrace Natural Surroundings
This home’s stunning coastal location is now central to its welcoming, light-filled design. The open space and subtle colors of contemporary design are balanced with materials and textural details that suggest the appealing character of a classic home. This seaside gem is an elegant space for the couple to entertain and a comfortable home for raising young children.

Integrating the environment expands your home and transforms the way you experience the space. Our unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals can help you discover ways to significantly strengthen the connection of your whole home remodel or new home to inspiring views.