A Place for Everything: Smart Storage Solutions for Your Whole Home Remodel

lowekitchencabWhen your home is organized and clutter-free you can more easily dedicate your time to relaxing and entertaining. It’s so satisfying to be able to put belongings away quickly and find what you need when you need it! Our professional designers help you explore the best options to make your space functional and appealing while planning your whole home remodel.

rehmblueInnovative Design
Bi-fold cabinetry gives your kitchen a modern look with clean lines and effortless functionality. In this Mid-Century Modern kitchen, white bi-fold upper cabinets make it easy to store a multitude of kitchen and dining accessories while making the most efficient use of space.

Custom Ideas
This striking, custom designed blue cabinet with intricate detailing serves double duty as a pantry for additional storage space. A professional designer can help you imagine beyond the standard ideas to creative possibilities customized just for you.

Unexpected Inspiration
This storage option in a Mid-Century Barn Retreat bathroom imaginatively expands on wallcabinetthe idea of a “medicine cabinet.” Placed on the wall, a tall, narrow space offers organized and accessible access with a cool, vintage-inspired look.

Enjoy the pleasures of an organized home with designs created specifically for your needs and lifestyle. Our unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals will show you how to integrate ideal storage solutions for every room into your whole home remodel.