Planning a Kitchen Remodeling Project? Five Ingredients for a Satisfying Chef’s Kitchen

ChefReToWe recently designed and built a kitchen remodeling project in San Diego’s Mission Hills community, which was inspired by the homeowners’ brother-in-law – a recently published chef. A chef’s kitchen is a timeless design that can work in virtually any home environment. Here are some of the basic ingredients for a tasty and satisfying design:

1. Space
Chefs need proper room to work! Because of the more generous appliance sizes and the areas allowed for prep and cooking, adequate space is necessary for a successful chef’s kitchen. You may be able to create the necessary space from a more efficient arrangement of your current kitchen.

2. Tools
An oversize range, preferably with a grill or griddle, is essential in the chef’s kitchen. The kitchen we recently designed included a 48” range with five burners and a griddle. A warming drawer to keep multiple courses at the ready is a welcome tool for any busy chef. A refrigerator with a glass door offers a slightly retro design touch in a modern chef’s kitchen and also delivers maximum efficiency by making it fast and easy to find ingredients. Two sinks, one for prep and one for cleaning, makes tasks more productive.

3. Storage
Quick and convenient access to the tools of the trade is a crucial element in a chef’s kitchen. Our Mission Hills kitchen incorporated a variety of innovative concealed storage options, custom designed to provide optimum organization while not detracting from the streamlined appearance of the room.

4. Lighting
To properly enjoy his or her craft, the chef needs plenty of open space and adequate lighting. A good design will incorporate as much natural light into the kitchen as possible by orienting the space correctly and planning for windows that let in maximum light. Task lighting for food prep, cooking and cleaning is also an important detail of space planning.

5. Personality
Even when working with a predetermined overall design concept such as a “chef’s kitchen”, it’s important to express your own personal interpretation. Working with a professional designer, you will carefully consider your desires and practical needs for your kitchen and plan the space accordingly.

A chef’s kitchen is an inspiring center of your home to welcome family and friends and engage in one of life’s most enduring pleasures – cooking wonderful meals! Our professional design team can help you design the chef’s kitchen you’ve always dreamed of for your kitchen remodeling project.