A Room any Dad Would Appreciate: Gentleman’s Room in a 100-year Old Tudor

Tepner1 In honor of Father’s Day this weekend, we are celebrating this gentleman’s room in a 100-year old Tudor-style home. Our professional design team designed and built this room with devoted attention to period detail. An existing guest room was transformed into a room for the gentleman of the house to store, appreciate and care for his collection of antique guns and other treasured objects.

The design emphasizes bringing as much natural light into the environment as possible while keeping the overall tone of the room comfortable and subdued. Wallpaper in an elegant rust red with gold highlights is a backdrop to thoughtfully chosen pieces of furniture, an ornate rug, and distressed maple wood floors, all presenting a comforting masculine warmth. The home’s original windows were restored with new molding and Tepner2given a fresh, clean update with window treatments that suit their historical surroundings. Cabinetry was meticulously designed to conceal the area where valuables, including an antique gun collection in a safe weighing almost 1000 pounds, are stored. Detailed wainscoting throughout the room establishes the design’s respect for the character of the home.

Entering this gentleman’s room with no modern technology but a dedicated attention to period detail and comfort feels like stepping back in time. Is there a room in your whole home remodel just for Dad? We hope this room is an inspiration.