Soak in Serenity with a Japanese Tub

Master_BathroomFor a recent master bathroom remodel Jackson Design and Remodeling designed and built, a Japanese soaking tub was a central facet in the planning. The wife is Japanese and it was particularly important to her to bring the custom of her heritage into the couple’s new space.

Japanese bathing differs from the American version in that the bather uses the tub for a much longer period. Before entering the bath, it is customary to clean and rinse in a separate shower.  Once in the bath, the bather takes refuge from the concerns of everyday life with a long and luxurious soak.

The Japanese share a centuries-old tradition of bathing, at home and as a community, originally inspired by Buddhist cleansing rituals. The longer, deeper and hotter soaks of a Japanese bath are considered therapeutic and stress-reducing.

If you are looking to transform your master bathroom into a peaceful retreat combining ancient tradition and modern function, our professional design team can help you discover imaginative interpretations. Treat yourself to the luxury of a spa-like retreat in your home!