A Sun Sparkled Shower: Open Shower Design in Your Master Bathroom

bathallIf you are drawn to the idea of experimenting with contemporary design in your whole home remodel, consider an open shower in your master bathroom. We recently completed this master bathroom remodel with an open shower for a young couple with a passion for daring color and design. They love their new room for its visuals and for its practicality as the design makes it easier for them to supervise their toddler during bath time! Here are some other advantages to an open shower:

A doorless shower creates more light and circulation in the bathroom. With fewer barriers in the sight line, the feeling of the room is expansive and clean. Open showers make a design statement that embraces the modern and imaginative.

Because there is no glass door or shower curtain in the shower, there are less tedious cleaning chores to do and your bathroom can have a sparkling effect of cleanliness.

Universal Access
With no doors or edges, an open shower has the additional bonus of easier access for anyone with mobility issues.

The nature of an open shower design requires careful placement of the fixtures and drainage to assure that water flows only where you want it to flow. Careful flooring selection is essential to prevent slipping.

showernicheTransforming your home and your lifestyle with a whole home remodel is an exciting exploration of color and materials when you work with a professional design team. An open shower washes away the ordinary for a refreshing perspective on custom bathroom design!