On Super Bowl Sunday a Comfortable Family Room Scores Big in a Whole Home Remodel

dyerfamIf you’re planning to entertain friends and family during the Super Bowl this weekend, a comfortable family room with a dedicated space for the TV is a winning strategy. Here are some style points for the family room in your whole home remodel:

bosmanfamSpace Planning Goals
Working with a professional design team, the first step for a successful design is careful consideration of how you will use the space. If the Super Bowl isn’t the only thing you love to watch on TV, you’ll want your big screen to be a focal point in the room. Bookshelves could be a priority for some families, or a dramatic fireplace. A custom built-in can provide adaptable storage and bring definition to your space.

breslowfamChampion Comfort and Organization
In a room where you and your family and friends will spend a significant amount of time watching tv, socializing, eating and drinking, and playing games, it makes sense to invest in durable, high quality pieces. Couches and chairs loaded up with cozy pillows and throws make it easy for family and guests to lounge in comfort. A flexible seating arrangement with a few anchor pieces but space to pull in extra chairs welcomes more people for larger events. A clutter-free space is more welcoming and relaxing. Include practical storage for an entertainment center accessories, books, toys, and games in your family room.

Whether you’re watching the Super Bowl, enjoying movie night, or playing board games, a family room in your whole home remodel is a place to feel informal and at ease. With the guidance of a unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals, you can create a welcoming space with your personal expression of comfort and style.