Sustainable Glass for Your Whole Home Remodel: Certifiably Green and Incredibly Beautiful 

SustainableGlassOur designers continually research the latest products and materials to inspire our clients with new ideas and approaches. Recently, we’ve worked on several whole home remodels that use sustainable glass as a significant design element. For clients interested in green remodeling, or those who simply want to make more environmentally conscious choices, sustainable glass is particularly appealing.

Sustainable glass from Glass2 is 99% recycled glass. Glass2 contains no resin or epoxy – it is pure glass. The material can be used for kitchen countertops, fireplace surroundings, floor or wall accents, bathroom vanities, shower stalls, tub surroundings, and much more. Working with a professional design team, you can discover all the exciting possibilities for using sustainable glass in your home.

Sustainable Glass2 Facts:

  • 99% recycled glass, contains no resin
  • Stain-resistant, bacteria-free, very low maintenance
  • Virtually scratch-resistant and can be repaired if scratched
  • Cold and heat resistant (can be used outdoors)
  • Glass base contains no glue or chemicals
  • Color is weather-resistant and will not change
  • Wide selection of colors to choose from, the majority fully translucent

Sustainable glass brings unparalleled beauty to your surroundings. Our professional team can help you discover imaginative ways to use this innovative material as a beautiful and environmentally conscious feature in your home.