Taxing Weekend? An Appealing Home Office Makes Work More Enjoyable

hinrichThe tax deadline on Monday means some of us will be working at home over the weekend. If you have a well-designed home office, any task is more efficient and less stressful. Here are some ideas to add to the to-do list for your home office:

Plan Strategy
How will you most often use your office at home? Do you tend to spend most of your time online? Will clients be visiting? How much storage do you need for files and supplies? Do you need another work surface in addition to your desk? When you address these questions with a team of professional designers at the beginning of the design process, you can develop a design strategy that works best for you and your work patterns.

murphyreadingPromote Efficiency
Natural light is essential for productive and efficient workdays, while layers of lighting inside cover the hours after daylight. Carefully designed lighting will help you avoid fatigue and feel energized and focused on your work. Consider your workflow and where items should be placed; in an office that tends to be smaller than other rooms in your home, smart space planning is critical.

plofficeEncourage Teamwork
Your home office should work well with others when it comes to the overall design of your home. With thoughtful design, your home office can feel personal and inspirational to you while still integrating with the design in the rest of your home.

With more of us working at home than ever before, home offices have become an important element of planning a whole home remodel. Collaborating with our unified team of architects, designers, and construction professionals, you can have an appealing space that makes your daily tasks more productive and enjoyable.