The Modern Laundry Room is Awash in Style

The laundry room, once an overlooked and out-of-sight area, has become an important consideration in a whole home remodel. A professional design team can help you visualize a laundry room that will make daily chores a pleasure! Here are some ideas to consider:

Location: With a laundry room on an upper level, there is less walking up and down stairs with hampers full of laundry. On the other hand, having a location away from bedrooms means noise insulation is not as important. What works best for your lifestyle? A unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals can guide you toward the right choices.

Storage: Organization should be a primary consideration in any laundry room design. You will want carefully planned spaces for dirty laundry, clean folded laundry and supplies.

Appliances: Besides choosing between front loading and top loading and stacked or side by side, energy efficient appliances are also essential for those concerned with green design principles.

Multi-Use: The laundry room doesn’t have to be just for laundry anymore and with an appealing new design, you may want to spend more time in the space! One of our clients used their laundry room as a sewing room, as well.

You want every area in your whole home remodel to reflect your personal tastes and enhance your lifestyle. When you have a laundry room with a beautiful, thoughtful design, everyday chores can be a serene time for reflecting on your new environment with a sense of accomplishment and efficiency.