Top Five Reasons to Use a Professional Designer for Your Remodel

JDR_DesignThere are many decisions to make when you are contemplating a whole home remodel, kitchen remodel, or any major remodel in your home. When considering the pluses and minuses of working with professional designers, it’s important to have a clear understanding about what constitutes “professional design” and how the choices you make will affect the outcome of your project.

Some contractors or small remodeling firms bill themselves as designers, when in fact their true expertise lies in construction. They may be great at adding or removing walls, or adding support to your roof, with “design” as a side activity, unsupported by staff or company structure. Sometimes it’s tempting to go with a company that has less design expertise, thinking you can “do it yourself” or act as an “assistant” and save money. Unless you are a professional remodeling designer, that path usually leads to delays, additional expenses and headaches. Here are some reasons why using a professional designer for your remodel is the smarter choice:

1. You’ll save time and money in the long run. While the upfront expenses are greater, when you work with a professional you can rely on that person throughout the course of your project. Trying the DIY approach, or working with a contractor without professional designers on staff, means you are operating with inexperience when it comes to space planning, selecting materials or scheduling installations. An experienced professional designer is savvy about handling large projects and working with all of the people involved in a successful remodel, assuring that everything runs smoothly and without delay.
2. A remodel that works for you instead of a cookie cutter solution. Who wants to spend thousands of dollars on a remodel, only to see the same room in another house? Contractors operating without professional designers on staff often have a limited set of design templates for your space. A professional designer is trained to work with you to arrive at the best, most personal design for your home.
3. Alleviate stress. A major remodel is challenging enough. Why add to the stress by training yourself “on the go” as a remodeling designer, or leaving your space design in the hands of untrained staff? Working with a designer, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have someone on your side, assuring that the process flows smoothly and the finished result of your remodel is successful.
4. Working with a professional designer is fun! Working together with a professional designer, you may discover ideas you hadn’t even thought of for your remodel. A good designer asks all the right questions to help you satisfy your needs and desires for your home. You’ll be guided through an array of choices for innovative space solutions, creative applications of texture and color, and interesting materials, all cognizant of adhering to space planning and zoning requirements.
5. Get the results you want. We’ve heard stories from people who went the DIY route, or worked without a professional designer, and the stories have not had happy endings! Space planning is one of the primary areas that can be compromised and is one of the hardest to correct after the fact. Projects can be delayed because of a lack of planning in the process of coordinating all the parties involved in a remodel. When you work with a professional designer on a design and build team, you have a partner that guides you through the process and helps you arrive at the space you dreamed of and beyond.