Designer Point of View: 2013 Design Trends for the Home

Working with a team of professional designers, our clients access an incredible array of styles, interests and cultural points of view, always underscored by experience, talent and skills. We asked our team for their individual perceptions
on emerging trends as 2013 gets underway in earnest.

When you’re planning your whole home remodel, kitchen remodeling project or custom bathroom, trends can be a starting point for inspiration, customized to
suit your personal tastes and the functional needs for your home.

Senior Interior Designer
Design Department Head
We are delighted to see more appearances of bold, over-scaled, dramatic patterns. Used in wall coverings, fabrics, lighting and home accessories, these graphic patterns are a refreshing way to bring individual personality to a space.



Cabinet Design Specialist
Grey stains and paints are one of the newest cabinetry trends. Grey is a wonderfully versatile color, working in almost any design environment from traditional to contemporary. It’s also a practical choice as it hides fingerprints and smudges much more easily than white cabinetry.



Assistant Designer
Industrial elements such as Brick, Metal, Concrete and Edison-style bulbs are primary tools in an aesthetic we are seeing more of lately that blends raw materials, beautiful woods and bold colors for a compelling balance of strength and comfort.



Interior Designer
Each client’s personality and lifestyle in response to nature and the surrounding community makes its own trend and I believe in expressing each client’s story in their home design. But if I were going to pick one trend for 2013 it would be the continuation of sustainable green design with an emphasis on renewable materials, reclaimed objects, local products, wastewater treatment and energy efficiency.



Senior Interior Designer
We are breaking away from the neutral tones of recent years to a generous use of bold color! You will see Coral, Yellow, Blue and Emerald Green in tile, paint, furniture, bedding and more. Still, it’s important to consider if this trend communicates what you want. We see clients becoming braver in designing their home spaces as a reflection of their personalities and that is a trend in itself!



Assistant Designer
Dramatic patterns will arise in abundance, specifically the “chevron” pattern which will be seen in wallpaper, tile, furniture, textiles and flooring. Most common in alternating black and white, the chevron pattern appears with subtlety in neutral colors for a look that leans more toward the serene.



Assistant Designer
Rustic and reclaimed woods surged in popularity with the growing awareness of sustainability and green design. Natural materials have now become even more favored because of the “homey” sense they bring to a space. An accent of vintage wood can bring warmth to contemporary designs, along with “found objects” such as antlers, vintage cameras, logs, clocks and other items that look as if they’ve been found either in nature or in Grandma’s attic.



Senior Interior Designer
Luxurious shower experiences are becoming even more stimulating with a variety of integrated options. Exciting choices include digital valve controls with pre-set his and her temperatures, wireless speaker showerheads to enliven the shower with your favorite music, or an LED rain showerhead that mounts to the ceiling and self-generates lighting with hydropower from the water flow.



Assistant Designer
Wall coverings are being used quite a bit recently in interiors. Manufacturers of wallpaper and decorative wall paneling are designing many new alternatives with a fresh perspective and clients are responding with enthusiasm. The choices for colors and patterns present endless possibilities for the focal point of a room.



Assistant Designer
Modern and clean design using minimalistic straight lines continues to gain in popularity but now it is being balanced by the use of reclaimed, recycled and natural looking materials.



Assistant Designer
Metallics and transparencies are trending as a way to bring contemporary luxury to any room. We have started to see more options for metallic finish pieces in lighting fixtures, accessories and furniture, especially gold and silver finishes.  Lucite, acrylic, and other clear materials are showing up in lighting and furniture, supporting a clutter-free, modern and clean appearance.