20 for 20: 20 Design and Remodeling Trends We’re Forecasting for 2020

2020 is a colorful and expressive year inspired by bringing nature and beauty into our homes while living in a simple and comforting style that nurtures wellness and serenity. Each year, Jackson Design and Remodeling’s highly acclaimed design team, which has been featured in major national print and online publications including The Wall Street Journal, Dwell, HGTV, Architectural Digest, French Style, Cottages & Bungalows, and Beautiful Kitchens & Baths, forecasts the trends they see emerging in design and remodeling for the coming new year.

Learn about the latest trends when you’re planning a new home or whole home remodel and discover new ideas to express yourself with individuality. One of the most exciting parts of the design build process is working with a unified team of architects, designers, and construction professionals to discover inspiring design ideas. Here are our design team’s picks for the top trends this year.

Back to the Future: 1970s and 1980s Inspired Design
From the cane chairs, rattan, and houseplants of the 1970s to the pastels and geometrics of the 1980s, there’s a delightful streak of nostalgia in interior design for 2020.

Classic Black and White Kitchens
Do they ever really go out of style? We don’t think so but the black and white kitchen is getting refreshed attention in 2020.

Layers of Luxurious Marble
The rich luxury of marble is a classic design choice seeing renewed popularity in 2020’s bathrooms and kitchens.

Soft and Pretty Pastels
Pale pinks, baby blues, light greens, and soft yellows will whisper a subtly stylish color statement in 2020.

Humble Materials
From plywood and jute to hemp and terra cotta, simple materials that evoke nature are adding earthy texture and warmth to next year’s interiors.

Coastal Colors
Whether inspired by the traditional white and blue décor of a seaside cottage, or the blue and coral of an ocean sunset, coastal colors are making waves in 2020.

Art Deco Inspiration
The opulent materials and distinctive lines of Art Deco continue to inspire interior design, notably with lighting and decorative elements.

The New Nordic
Scandinavian style has staying power. This new interpretation gives its trademark cozy minimalism a slightly moodier feeling with darker colors.

Comforting Simplicity
Simplicity and modernity go hand in hand. With this trend, comfort is given a priority by adding designated space for relaxation enhanced with cozy textures and soothing colors.

Organic & Handmade Textures
Texture is all about the handmade in the coming year, with unique accessories that often integrate organic and sustainable materials.

Take the elegance of Japanese minimalism and pair it with the rustic simplicity of Scandinavian style and you arrive at the appealing “Japandi” design in today’s most modern homes.

Mindfulness & Wellness Spaces
From rooms dedicated to yoga or meditation to spaces thoughtfully designed with no technology and plenty of room to breathe and enjoy surrounding nature, mindfulness and wellness are a growing priority in many home designs.

Bold, Retro-Inspired Geometrics
From walls and ceilings to furniture, lighting and accessories, bold geometrics are making another comeback with a resoundingly retro point of view.

Unexpected Wallpaper
Wallpaper is showing up in all kinds of unexpected places in the home, from kitchens to staircases. In the powder room, we’re seeing full wallpaper wraps from floor to ceiling. For 2020 wallpaper, keep your eye on classic florals and bold tropicals.

Softer Shapes
An interesting parallel to the pastel trend, softness also shows up in 2020 shapes. Curved, rounded and scalloped edges are showing up on furniture, in tile design, and in a variety of other design elements.

Master Suite Retreats
Master suites are getting larger and more comprehensive, encompassing everything from kitchenettes or wet bars to fireplaces and decks. The idea is a comforting space where all your needs can be met on those days when you just want to retreat from the world.

“Lived in” Minimalism
Minimalism continues to gain in popularity. Lately we’re seeing a slight variation on this modern design trend as minimal interiors are injected with warmth and personality using jolts of color, a singular piece of art, or a display area for quirky personal objects.

3D Patterns on Walls
See and touch this compelling trend on walls with patterns of wood or tile, or with 3-D wallpaper and even painted effects.

This intriguing trend has been rising along with the ubiquity of technology as a trend over the past few years. Biophilia – humans interacting with nature – is communicated in the home with greenery and houseplants or outside in backyards with patios and louvered roofs!

Darker Hardware
Black (and sometimes blue) hardware is boldly punctuating sinks and showers in 2020 kitchens and bathrooms.

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