2014 Design and Remodeling Trends for Your Whole Home Remodel: Part II


Which design and remodeling trends will emerge and strengthen in 2014? Our design team shared their predictions for the coming year in a trend round-up we are breaking into three parts. Today, we focus on Design and Remodeling Trends: Part II.

Exploring trends is inspiring and often sparks new creative thinking. If you are planning a whole home remodel, balancing your design around your personal style and your affinity for trends is essential for a successful outcome. Your designer will help you find a way to capture elements of trends in a way that uniquely expresses your personal vision for your whole home remodel.

Part II: 2014 Design and Remodeling Trends

Monochromatic Palettes
Grays, blues, or whites in a monochromatic palette make a dramatic impression in a subdued, sophisticated way.

Chalk Paint
From a kid’s bedroom to a kitchen or office, this element is a lesson in relaxed style. We’ve seen versatile chalkboard paint used in both practical and whimsical ways.

Mix and Match
Layering textures and materials such as metal and wood is key to the eclectic look achieved with the mix and match trend. The idea is to find a personal mix that feels true to your lifestyle.

Rustic Woods
Rustic wood blended with modern elements is a steady trend with many visual expressions. While a fascination with rustic has been with us for a while, more imaginative combinations are now at play.

Exploring trends with our design team is one of the most enjoyable parts of the design build process. When you thoughtfully apply trends that appeal to you in your whole home remodel, your home feels fresh, comfortable and inviting.

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