2021 Trend Highlight: Focus on the Foyer

Creating a sense of separation and transition between outside and inside with a fabulous and functional foyer has become more important than ever after the events of the past year. Homeowners are looking for a stylish and efficient space to remove shoes, slip into indoor clothing, and store items like masks and hand sanitizer to grab and go. Here are some ideas to create a beautiful threshold in your whole home remodel or new home.

A Well-Lit Space
In this inviting Mountain View Estate, the grand entry is elegant and spacious. A drop down ceiling with a floating effect and a stunning sculptural light fixture defines the space, which extends 30 feet to a dramatic great room open to the outdoor living area and a vast panoramic view of rolling hills beyond. The foyer is open to the rest of the home yet well-defined, establishing a sense of entry and transition.

A Jolt of Color
A comfortable bench provides a place to sit down and remove shoes (or flip flops!) in this Contemporary Beach Condo. This second home near the beach for a retired couple is a three-level town home where they enjoy spending relaxed quality time. A bright teal door and a large canvas of whimsical art are cheerful elements of color inspired by the nearby ocean.

A Place to Put Your Things
Abundant storage provides easy access for children in this family’s Polished Rustic home. Existing bookcases were repurposed to create organization, while a wall of reclaimed wood communicates rustic authenticity. The back of the cabinets was removed to reveal more of the wall’s organic texture. Concrete flooring with an epoxy coating is an ideal, non-slippery surface in a home with children and a pool.

A foyer can be both stunning and functional with the help of a unified team of architects, designers, and construction professionals. The first point of entry into your whole home remodel or new home, it should reflect your personal point-of-view and provide a stylish pause between the outside world and your welcoming interior.