2024 Trend Watch: Minimaluxe

For those who appreciate clean, uncluttered spaces, “less is more” has been a favored approach to home design for decades. While minimalism is not a new trend, the variation known as “Minimaluxe” is growing in popularity due to its timeless quality, and its balance of minimalism and luxury. With simplicity at its core, minimaluxe brings in exceptional statement pieces, organic elements, luxurious materials, and interesting textures. Instead of the spare, somewhat cold spaces people sometimes imagine as minimalism, this trend injects joy and comfort into homes that feel fresh and inviting.

Solana Beach Minimalism
The horizontal and vertical lines of this living space echo those on the exterior of this coastal home. Large windows encompass the surroundings and allow the outdoors to become an element in the design. Clean, uncluttered surfaces emphasize the angled fireplace and natural wood architectural elements as visual focal points.

Artistic Contemporary
In the kitchen of a contemporary home with a golf course view, the artistic kitchen shines with beautiful materials. Lighting was selected in a minimalist shape with a gold shimmer that lends luxurious detail to the surroundings. The design was carefully planned with clean symmetrical lines to blend effortlessly into an expansive open living space.

Luxurious Retreat
A stunning view accentuated by large windows and a dramatic corner fireplace are standouts in the primary suite of this luxurious contemporary retreat. Soft materials and muted colors make the space feel classic and inviting without sacrificing clean, contemporary lines.

Minimaluxe is a trend that is uniquely adaptable to your own personal style. It’s an aesthetic you can try in one room, or throughout your home, to varying degrees. Working closely with a professional designer, you can experiment with ways to bring these timeless ideas into every living space in your whole home remodel.