2024 Trend Watch: Organic Modern Style

Organic modern interior design continues to grow in popularity, especially in California where its focus on connecting indoor and outdoor spaces can be integrated year-round. Our designers highlighted this warm and earthy aesthetic in their 2024 annual prediction of home design and remodeling trends. Balancing the two concepts of “organic” and “modern”  in a hybrid approach allows for more versatile, personal expression in your home remodel. Here are some of the defining characteristics of organic modern design:

Emphasis on Greenery and Nature
Harmony between nature and our homes is one of the essential elements of organic modern design. This can be expressed in the way the structure of the home and its exterior are integrated with its environment, and also inside the home where a connection to nature can be woven into natural textures, organic shapes and materials, and an abundance of greenery. And don’t forget the view – the windows and glass doors in your home design underline the organic modern style by bringing the outdoors in with natural light and fresh air.

Clean & Simple
Uncluttered interiors with carefully selected minimal elements make this style unmistakably modern. Lines are clean and crisp with ample open space. The idea is to infuse these pared down spaces with hand-crafted, sustainable details that add warmth and character. An ideal organic modern interior feels comfortable and livable with a sense of cozy tranquility.

Neutral Palettes & Textured Materials
A calm color palette is a signature of the organic modern style, with neutral hues dominating – such as soft whites and light browns – along with accent colors that mimic nature – think pale greens and blues. Reclaimed woods, jute, stone, and concrete are some of the materials with imperfect surfaces that bring natural coziness into these modern spaces. Choose lighting and art with soft curved shapes and experiment with accessorizing clean modern furniture with details like handmade blankets and fuzzy pillows.

Elements of organic modern style can be incorporated into every space in your home. When you’re planning your home remodel, it’s a good idea to explore a variety of styles to understand how they inspire your lifestyle and point of view. Our expert designers and architects guide you through how to express your personal vision during a design build remodel to transform your home.