Casual Imperfection: Be Inspired by the “Wabi Sabi” Design Trend for Your Whole Home Remodel

The Japanese philosophy of “Wabi Sabi” finds beauty in imperfection. In interior design, Wabi Sabi is characterized by relaxed style with minimal, high quality elements. Think of it as “perfectly imperfect.” In our “18 Top Interior Design Trends for 2018” blog, JDR designers predicted Wabi Sabi as an influential idea for the year. Here are some ways to experiment with Wabi Sabi principles in your whole home remodel:

Keep it Natural and Simple
Wabi Sabi is all about minimalism with an earthy feel. Pare your collections down to the essentials and eliminate clutter throughout your home.

Embrace Texture
The beautiful rough grain of natural woods, cracks in handmade pottery, or the humble weave of a handmade textile are all honored in a Wabi Sabi aesthestic. The more natural and organic, the better.

Subdued Color Palette
A calming color palette inspired by nature, particularly the combination of white and brown, is the Wabi Sabi ideal. Interiors that feel deeply integrated with their surroundings inspire a feeling of being connected to the natural world.

A rough translation of Wabi Sabi is that “Wabi” refers to simplicity, humility, and living in harmony with nature, while “Sabi” references the passage of time and the authentic beauty of aging. Working with our unified team of architects, designers, and construction professionals, you can explore how the principles of Wabi Sabi bring a feeling of calm and relaxation to your whole home remodel.

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