Connection to Nature and Serene simplicity Design and Remodeling Trends Forecasted for 2024

Creating a home that feels calm, welcoming, and connected to surrounding nature is a prevailing theme in our 2024 trend forecast, underlined by the emphasis on tranquil blues in the 2024 colors of the year we surveyed recently. We’re also seeing pops of vibrancy and reinvigorating energy exemplified by “dopamine” decor and the appetite for imaginative combinations of styles, patterns, and color. 

Jackson Design and Remodeling’s highly acclaimed design team, which has been featured in major national print and online publications including The Wall Street Journal, HGTV, Dream Kitchens & Baths, USA Today,  Dwell, Architectural Digest, Modern Farmhouse Style, Cottages & Bungalows, and Beautiful Kitchens & Baths, forecasts the trends they see emerging in design and remodeling each year.

Trends can serve as an inspiring starting point for expressing your own personal style when you’re planning a new home or whole home remodel. A unified team of architects, designers, and construction professionals can help you discover ways to transform your home that you may not have considered, with the experience and expertise to guide you to a comfortable and welcoming dream home. Here are the trends our designers see on the rise in 2024:

Dopamine Decor
This high energy trend is about designing spaces that inspire joy and positivity, typically by accessorizing with decorations that have personal meaning to you and experimenting with a free mix of bold colors and patterns.

Organic Modern Design
The organic modern style is becoming a classic, especially in California. A connection to nature is emphasized with elements of minimalism, boho, and modern design.

Farmcore Simplicity
Embracing the charm of simpler living, farmcore is a progression of cottagecore with a more rustic take on the concept.

Biophilic Design
Biophilic design stimulates all the senses with homes that connect us more deeply to nature. Think indoor gardens and natural materials like wood, stone, and sustainable textiles, or outdoor living spaces that integrate seamlessly with your interior.

This less-is-more “quiet luxury” aesthetic is expressed with comfortable, pared-back, yet opulent statement elements.

Japanese and Scandinavian design are the perfect duo to accomplish serene functionality in your home. Clean lines, neutral colors, and natural light are prominent, accented with materials like wood and stone.

Retro Remix
Expressing individuality is big in 2024: mixing styles from different eras such as Mid-Century, the 1970s, and the 1980s is a creative way to make a personal statement. Adding unique vintage and antique elements make your home feel one-of-a-kind.

Chic Contrast
As minimalism begins to make way for maximalism in the coming year, pattern and texture are coming to the forefront. Playing with a combination of contrasting materials creates a tactile and visual experience.

Modern Balinese
Inspired by the tropical luxury of a Balinese indoor/outdoor oasis, this style is achieved with natural stone, bamboo elements, and attention to natural light, greenery, and organic texture.

Sustainability Endures
Reclaimed materials, organic fabrics, and renewable resources continue to be essential to eco-conscious homeowners who want to understand the impact of the materials in their homes.

Staycation Style
Whether it’s a spa-like bathroom or an expansive outdoor living space with a pool and lounging area, homeowners love the feeling of a luxury resort at home.

Warm is the New Cool
Warm neutrals are overtaking cool grays in the coming year. The new beige is softer, lighter, and creamier than the beige of decades past, while ivory, cream or vanilla are fresh new alternatives to white.

Statement Floors
From timeless checkerboard tile, to darker flooring with bold patterns, to patterned stone or marble, innovative ideas in flooring are underfoot in 2024.

Take a look at our Pinterest board for examples of 2024’s trends and follow us on Pinterest to keep an eye on trends we explore all year long. Our team can help you explore how to integrate trends in a way that expresses your individuality in your new home or whole home remodel.