Design Inspired by Nature: Raw, Organic Trend Growing Strong

Our professional design team continually researches design trends and practices innovative solutions to stay ahead of the curve in home design. We have been working with designs inspired by rustic natural elements for some time and have been interested to see this trend expand in popularity recently. If you would like to explore natural, organic themes for your whole home remodel, here are some elements to consider:

Sherwin Williams has introduced a color palette called “Honed Vitality” that embodies a softened beauty with earthy hues. This colors typify the calm, restful tones of the organic trend.

Showing the “veins in the grains” of a material like the granite countertop pictured is another way to show a respect for rustic natural beauty in the home. Textures that can be “felt with the eye” work well when you are exploring an organic theme.

Handmade accessories and furniture evoke a simpler time and express an appreciation for artisan craft and quality. Working with local artisans is a wonderful way to bring character and history to a whole home remodel.

Whether the organic aesthetic speaks to you or not is an entirely personal decision. Your home should express your unique point of view. When you work with a unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals, you are able to explore the many possibilities available and be inspired in ways you may not have imagined!