Earthy and Bright: Balancing Woods and Color

blogbathThere are endless possibilities for experimenting with color in your whole home remodel. One enduring trend is combining vivid color with natural woods. Balance and contrast are two of the most important elements in a design and pairing wood with color offers appealing variations. Here’s what to keep in mind when exploring this design idea:

muellercolorChoose Your Hues
Bold colors are intense and powerful. A lot of knowledge and a little restraint keep the brightest hues from overwhelming a room. A professional designer can explore your favorite colors with you and guide you toward the most appealing for your home.

Set the Tone
Wood presents its own spectrum of color, from light ash or birch to dark cherry or walnut. Stains and other finishes further expand your choices. When balancing color with wood, tone is essential. The most visually striking spaces achieve a balance that grounds the design while letting the color radiate.

perrycolorBold, colorful spaces can energize and inspire your lifestyle. When you’re ready to explore dramatic combinations of color and natural wood in your home, our unified team of architects, designers, and construction professionals helps you communicate your personal style with confidence.